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Learn to Master The Art of Nanpa, PickUp, Seduction, Japan & Japanese Women with the help of Master Player, Playboy & Gigolo "Giacomo d'Byron." World famous "Master Player & Seducer Giacomo d'Byron" had been traveling & living around the world since birth, until one day it all changed for the better. After arriving in Japan several years ago after a successful ivy league education & early secret career, he knew it was the place that would change his life forever and offer infinite life changing adventures of women, sex, money, cars, parties, business opportunities & everything else you can imagine that's crazy fun in "The Land of the Rising Sun" (Japan). With over 10,000+ fabulous women under his belt & millions of crazy untold stories, Giacomo d'Byron takes you on non-stop adventures of psychological warfare, ultimate seduction techniques & tales of crazy sex, fun & life changing events through his books based on his wonderful life in Japan! The fun never stops with Giacomo and neither does his writing! With 3 books published in 2017 and with 2 more cumming in the near future you can expect even more crazy fun and Top-Secret Intel on women, life, seduction, attraction, business, sex, Japan & the like. If you want to read the only books on earth that will change your life, then these are it!


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Learn to become a Master like Giacomo & Master the Art of Nanpa, Pickup, Seduction, Japan & Japanese Women with the only books in the world that will help make you a real man

Giacomo d'Byron is the worlds #1 Player, Playboy, Gigolo Gentleman & expert on fashion, sex, women, Japanese women, love, money, business, travel & everything else related to Japan or life and its craziness in general. He will teach you how to change your life for the better, how to conquer Japan as a gaijin (foreigner), how to seduce & attract any Japanese woman in Japan, how to live a successful & crazy life in Japan, how to Master the Art of Nampa (Pick-up, Day Game & Night Game) & Japanese Women while living in the coolest country: Japan! He lives in Ginza (Tokyo, Japan) and has written 3 books; The Playboy's Guidebooks To Japan By Giacomo d'Byron (Volumes 1, 2 and 3)...

Learn to Master the Art of Nanpa, Pickup, Seduction, Japan and Japanese Women and get as many Japanese women in Japan as your dreams desire

How? Well, it's pretty damn simple guys! All you have to do is follow my secret methods & all Japanese women will crave your cock, your everything & anything. Bored of your current life? Want to lose the psycho good for nothing boring girlfriend or wife who's wasting your time, sucking energy & money away from your soul & your hard earned cash? Want to pack up your stuff, get a new and well-deserved lease on life & move to the world's most exotic, craziest & coolest place filled with the sweetest & freshest Japanese women? Did you know that Japan is the only country in the world with the most adult virgins on earth? Did you know that Japanese women are the most kind, gentle & coolest women in the world? Did you know that Japan has the freshest and juiciest women in the world? Did you know that Japanese women are the best women in the world? Did you know that Japanese women are the best at sex once trained properly? Of course you didn't! But now you do!

Master Giacomo is the only REAL Player, Playboy & Gigolo of the world

Ask yourself this question… Why not take a minimal risk, a bigger leap of faith & become a real man & move to Japan to better your life & your soul? Get all of the women you can imagine and enjoy life like you’ve never enjoyed it before. Can you do it? Of course! Anyone can do it! However, unless you know the secrets that I know, have invented & perfected you most likely won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Don't worry though gents! My books will fill your mind with all of the necessary clandestine methods that will get you ready to become one of the world's most "Elite Players, Playboys & Gigolos" to walk the face of this crazy earth and become the Modern Playboy, Player & Gigolo of Japan. Only with The Playboy's Guidebooks to Japan By Giacomo d'Byron (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) will you be able to learn how to master the art of Nanpa, Pickup, Seduction, Japan & Japanese Women...

RomeoWhen I was living in the U.K. I never thought that Japanese girls are the most amazing in life. I read The Playboy's Guidebooks To Japan by Giacomo d'Byron and now I'm in Japan, working and have a successful job with over 20 wonderful Japanese girls all thanks to Giacomo d'Byron. Without using Giacomo's "Elite Services," I would never have imagined being here and living this fabulous life. Thank you Master Giacomo! Honto ni, arigatou gozaimasu! (Thanks!)
Financial Asset Manager (Osaka, Japan)
ErikaGiacomo, you saved my life and my relationships! I've read your books The Playboy's Guidebooks To Japan By Giacomo d'Byron 1 and 2 over 10x's & because of you I can have the best time with my men. I know how they think and now I am the one who does the "Pys-Ops," as you call it. Without you I would still be the boring and dumb woman I was before I came across your website. You've really helped me so much. Hope to talk to you again soon. Domo ne! (Thx)!
Model & CEO (Tokyo, Japan)

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Playboy's Guidebook to Japan - Vol.3 - Phrasebook
"90% of women are money hungry whore's who don't have a soul...
Be careful out there brothers!"
Giacomo d'Byron
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