Why Are Japanese Women Not Having Sex Like Before

Why are Japanese women not having intimacy like before ??

Why are Japanese women not having intimacy like before? What’s going on? Does this mean that it’s over for the players in the pick up, player, gigolo and playboy industry in Japan as a whole? How could this even be possible? Why is this happening? Well, dudes it’s rather simple.

Shit happens such as why are Japanese women not having intimacy like before and yes times change as well as people and societies! News like this has been going around time after time with clients and friends constantly asking me these questions. However, Master Giacomo is once again to save the day with valuable intel! In other words, do not be alarmed! As I have always mentioned, what makes the woman determines on what men she interact with. This means that as long as you are a hip, cool, sophisticated, smooth talking gentleman who is on top of his pick up game, sophistication, looks, charismatic charm, and all of the other good things that a Real Player, Playboy or Gigolo gent should have you never have to worry about what Japanese societies women think or will think of you.

If you are the best of the best and better than most or the rest of all of the other men walking around Tokyo, Osaka, or anywhere else in Japan, then the women will still fall head over heels for you and be lining up for you just as if they were lining up for the new mouthwatering Okonomiyaki restaurant in Ginza. Dress to impress and keep at your game as you have always been doing with my books at hand and my knowledge in your smart brain and nothing will affect your lifestyle, manhood and genthood. The moment you get depressed or worried about a small issue such as Why are Japanese women not having intimacy like before, is the moment you will start to get weak in your player lifestyle.

So, the next time you begin to think: Why are Japanese women not having intimacy like before?… Simply stop and look in the nearest mirror and ensure the following are in check! If all are good to go, then you are in perfect order players.

  • You look perfectly groomed
  • Your gent kit is in firm order with the latest and hip tailor made suits
  • Your gent cologne is blasting with its fine scents and notes
  • Your Goyard wallet is peeking out of your inner suit pocket or your slacks pocket
  • Your Tom Ford dress shoes are polished with a shine where you can see your intimacyy face
  • Your gent business cards are armed and ready with the scent of the day emitting from the surface
  • Your hair is freshly cut and styled
  • Your Japanese skills are honed, sharpened and ready
  • Your confidence level is up to par
  • Your charisma level is tweaked and emitting from your aura
  • Your smile is immaculate
  • Your breath is smelling fresher than a Japanese virgin
  • Your finances are in order
  • Your timepiece is of Panerai or Rolex a$$ent
  • You are mentally relaxed, at ease and have a clear frame of mind with no stresses
  • Your charisma quotient is on par and up to its fullest potential

Never forget guys! A well prepared Player, Gigolo and Playboy who has an immaculate smile is a player who is armed with one of the greatest and most basic weapons of all…a charming SMILE. Not to mention, you will be forever attractive especially in a society where most Japanese people simply do not smile at all. A smile is highly contagious and even more a smile coming from a cool, well dressed, good smelling sophisticated player. It’s as simple as that chaps!

Let’s take a look at 2 different case studies involving some Japanese gents and gaijin gents to give you a better perspective of whats hot and whats not and what determines why are Japanese women not having intimacy like before when it comes to a man who is well prepared compared to a player who is wrecked.


Japanese Case Study “A” with Takashi san

Takashi san is an average Japanese man (early 20’s) with no game or style at all who hasn’t read Master Giacomo’s Playboy’s Guidebook to Japan: Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

The Result: Due to Takashi sans lack of style, having no game plan and his laziness to not read my books he has become a loner and a recluse. Sad story, but it happens. Because of this he will now walk around the land thinking that he doesn’t need to look his best, read some cool life changing books and step up his game plan. This will also have a negative effect on the Japanese women who are walking around the town and have to view a gent who doesn’t look presentable and cool. Thus in turn, perhaps some women will think that they can also look like crap and not be presentable as well to men or what have you. Get my pioint? It all has a negative effect on everyone in the end!

The Point: Don’t be an average fool! Look your best and always dress to impress! Read my books, enlighten your minds and know that life is short, thus you must play hard and bang hard!


Japanese Case Study “B” with Yoshi san

Yoshi san is a hip, cool, outspoken, slightly flamboyant Japanese man (early 20’s) with style and cla$$. Who has read Master Giacomo’s Playboy’s Guidebook to Japan: Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

The Result: Simply because Yoshi san has Master Giacomo’s Secrets down and well understood, he is already 10 steps ahead of his action plan on being a true player gentleman. His style, cla$$, being an avid reader of Master Giacomo’s Playboy’s Guidebook to Japan: Volumes 1, 2 and 3, his hip and cool fashion sense and his great personality has allowed him to enjoy life at its best and with limitless Japanese ladies and even some gaijin ones as well at his helm on a daily basis. When he approaches women, they are amazed by all. When he speaks, he speaks confidently and in a smooth and intimacyy manner. He knows all of whats going on in the world, and will keep doing a dam fine job being a Real Player, Playboy and Gigolo in Japan.

The Point: Get your act together like Yoshi san and stop being an average boring busy idiot. Take advantage of life, it’s offerings and the fine Japanese women of Japan. Impress them, just as much as you impressed the first girl you banged once upon a time. Never slack being a gentleman and always make sure that you are on top of your game and that you always have Master Giacomo’s Playboy’s Guidebook to Japan: Volumes 1, 2 and 3 in hand or in the near vicinity when you need a quick look and piece of advice. If that doesn’t do you well, then you can always get in touch with me with a private one on one consultation here!

Once again Giacomo has saved the day and your a$$! Till next time guys…

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